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June 2017

This June, I will be attending an artist residency in the Azores on Pico Island with 20 international artists. The theme of the residency “Once Upon Water” relates strongly to my recent and current work so I am looking forward to this opportunity. www.onceuponwater.com

The book, Ancient Light, a collaboration between Karen Curry and K. Louise Vincent has just been published in a limited edition of 250. The book will be available in August with information on this website at the end of July. There will be a book launch and reading on Gabriola Sept. 9 2017.


April 2016


The 30 images from "Ancient Light" will be on the website in May of 2016. Please contact me directly for more information prior to that.


2013 Studio Update



The main focus of my work in 2013 has been continuing to work on the painting series "Phasing". The paintings in this series take two paths. "Phasing - The Liquid Art of Unlocking" and "Phasing - A Moment in Stone Time". All of these paintings explore edges, changing states and atmospheric layers interacting with human constructs. Most of these finished paintings are now on the web site with more in process in the studio.

Boundless and Borderless

The official launch of the Boundless and Borderless Portfolio will be held at the AGO on November 23 from 2-5 in the Print and Drawings Study Room.

Boundless and Borderless is at The Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario, May 4-June 16, 2013; Sydney, Australia, May-June 2013; Dundee, Scotland, August-September, 2013 and in Toronto, Ontario, November 2013.

The Boundless and Borderless portfolio comprises forty-four handmade prints by artists from Open Studio, Canada (22) and Sydney Printmakers, Australia (22) in. Each print is 11" x 15" and is printed on 250-300 g BFK archival paper. Printmaking techniques include relief (woodblock, mokuhanga, linoleum), intaglio (dry point, sugar lift, chine collé, embossment), lithography, screenprint and collagraph.

Canada and Australia have similar histories of settlement and colonization. The landscape looms large in both imaginations, as does the spirit of the explorer and adventurer. Each artist in the Boundless and Borderless portfolio has viewed the theme from their own perspective, conjuring up personal experiences and interpreting their ideas with a variety of printmaking techniques.

2012 in Review

2012 was a busy year. I spent 7 months in the studio on Gabriola concentrating my art practice on the initial works of the series Phasing.

In April 2012, I had a solo exhibition at Luz Gallery in Victoria, "Full Exposure". The show featured artworks from all of the media that I work in - painting, photography and printmaking.

I spent 2 months in Toronto working on mezzotints at Open Studio and with printer Lorna Livey.
One of the prints produced was for the Portfolio Boundless and Borderless.

October of 2012, I participated in The Toronto International Art Fair with Open Studio.

A highlight of 2012 was the month of November spent exploring the north island of New Zealand. The edges of this much larger tropical island resonate with my exploration of the much smaller island of Gabriola which is now my home base. Aspects of this trip have continued to inform my ideas on "Phasing". My art practice on this trip also included panoramic photographs intended for my "Arboreal" series.

Fall 2011


After 2 years of construction my studio on Gabriola Island is finally complete! The studio is located at 2895 South Road and is open year round by appointment.

Since January of 2011, I have been working on a new series of paintings, “How To Read The Sky”. This series, which was painted in large part as a response to my new environment, is now up on the website.



In Toronto my work is available through:

401 Richmond St. W., Suite104, Toronto, M5V 3A8

317 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON, M5T 1G4


Please feel free to contact me for further information regarding exhibitions, availability of artwork, commissions or to arrange a studio visit.

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